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To promote the modernization process of China's textile industry, and to achieve the goal of "Hundred Years of Hongyuan"
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Hongyuan Technology was awarded the “Wuxi Wuyi Labor Award”

On the occasion of the May Day of this year, Hongyuan Technology won another award. The company was awarded the “Wuxi Wuyi Labor Award” by the Wuxi Municipal Federation of Trade Unions.

Since 2018, Hongyuan Technology has actively carried out activities such as thematic labor competitions and voluntary volunteers of party members, and has made remarkable achievements in promoting the completion of production and management tasks, promoting technological progress, and improving the technical and innovative capabilities of employees, including sales revenue and profits. Significant growth year on year. At the same time, it strictly abides by national laws and regulations, the trade unions are well organized, the labor relations are harmonious, the labor protection work is solid and effective, and no safety production accidents occur during the year.


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